Know How To Choose The Makeup Suiting Your Skin Tone, Straight From The Experts

Wearing makeup is an integral part of our lifestyle. With the latest fashion trends people are more cautious and wearing light to heavy makeup at the workplace, college, parties and social events, is a usual practice. To make your look complete and complimenting your dress and suiting the occasion, it becomes essential that we carefully select the right color, correct texture and appropriate style. A makeup faux can prove to be disastrous sometimes, affecting your self-confidence. But no need to worry now, B3 Products offers best beauty consultation helping you make the right choice. With women adopting natural skin care products and makeup ranges, as per the report by, cosmetic companies are now introducing natural and herbal based collections which are very popular world over.
Since the facial makeup has various focus points which are enhanced and sharpened, let us discuss each one of them one by one.
The eye color and the shade of eye makeup go hand in hand. Select the breakdown of shades of eyeshadow which should enhance the eye color. To make it easier find the suggested shades:
• For blue eyes: You should go for orange, brown, peaches, pink and gold. To highlight the blue pupil, focus on the outer corner of the eyes and brighten up with dark shades.
• Green eyes: Mauve and shades of purple work wonder for green eyes. Applying a dark eyeshadow on the outlines or using dark green eyeliner, can make that perfect evening look.
• Hazel eyed: Lucky females as all shades work for you. To enhance the eyes using a dark brown or black eyeliner, will complete the look.
• Dark brown eyes: Metallic shades are the choice for you. Using variations of grey, black, blue and tan brown is an ideal choice.

The shape of the lips is the primary deciding factor for the type of shades to opt.
• Big or full lips: Lipstick with matte and creamy finish work the best for full lips. Depending on your choice of how you want the lips to appear, using darker shades will highlight it further, and dull colors will make the lips look comparatively smaller. Therefore, you can make choices among shades of maroon, pinks and copper
• Thin lips: The main intention is to highlight the lips. Using lip linear to cheat on the actual shape of lips can help. Using light shades enhance the look and by using gloss, you give them an attractive and voluminous look.

Skin Tone
Lastly but most importantly the skin tone is the prime factor in deciding upon the selection of foundation, highlighter to sync in ideally with the skin tone. There are three types of skin tones:
• Cool- Also called as pale complexion, using warm colors like apricot or salmon pink is the right choice. Earthy colors enhance the skin texture and give it the perfect tone.
• Neutral skin tone: Choosing the right shade of foundation matching your skin tone is very important. The intention of using foundation is to provide an even surface hiding all flaws to add on makeup like blusher, illuminator and bronzing powder. If the foundation itself does not blend evenly with the skin tone, then all this would look very artificial and inappropriate.
• Dark skin: This skin tone can handle a wide range of shades, but metallic brown and gold work wonders for this skin type giving you that perfect party look.
Wisely selecting the shades is an essential requirement to get you the most natural and perfect look to compliment your personality.