All You Need To Know About Gentle C-Section

Gentle C-Section

More babies today are delivered through C-Section now than ever before. After many years there has been a slight change in the way C-Section is conducted, this small change means a lot for not just the mothers but also to the babies. Many hospitals are providing gentle cesarean birth plan also called as the Gentle C-Section. As per surveys conducted by, one out of three babies are born through C-Section, so health care providers are trying to make this surgery family-centric. This procedure makes the surgery experience feel more like a natural birth wherein the mother can hold the baby immediately after its birth and make her part of the birth.

Difference between C-Section and Gentle C-Section
In a typical Cesarean operation, the mother is made to lie on her back on an operating table. Her hands are also strapped and are administered local anaesthetic to numb the area. A barricade is placed in front of her eyes so that she does not see the surgery being done. Once the baby is delivered, the screen is lowered so that you can take a peek at the baby. Post-delivery the baby is carried away for post-delivery care.

If you have opted for a gentle C Section, the care providers will do the following.
Instead of lying flat, you will be shored up a little so that you can view the birth of your baby. A transparent screen will be placed initially while the incision is on, later the screen is dropped, and you can see the baby being delivered.
One arm will be left free for you to hold the baby and your hands will not be tied.
You can choose a milder sedation so that you are awake and active when the baby comes out.
The delivery of the baby will be deliberately delayed so that there is enough time for the squeezing of the chest of the baby aka natural birth and also to clear the fluids from the lungs.
Post birth, you will be able to have skin to skin contact with your child till you are sent to the recovery room. The leads will be on the back instead of your stomach.

Advantages of Gentle-C over cesarean
As per some studies, a mother who has given birth through Cesarean are not happy with the birthing experience, and they have expressed that bonding with the baby was not natural. Also, the same study revealed that such mothers had difficulty with breastfeeding and too prone to postpartum depression.
Some mothers also feel disconnected and not part of the delivery process as they are not able to hold their baby till they reach the delivery room. Due to the sedatives they received, they were groggy and unable to recollect any birthing experience. By viewing the birth of the child, the mother feels that she is part of the process. Moreover, being able to hold the baby right after birth is also known to have a positive impact on the baby apart from experiencing the warmth of the mom.


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